Flexible, functional and fun

Tensioned Roman blinds are an eye-catching feature for every room

"Add a splash of colour to your life!" This is a common piece of advice when it's time to make a change. This could be an emotional change or simply a new look for your own four walls. And because our moods can depend heavily on colours and shapes, it is important to make sure you have high-quality, statement yet flexible design pieces to set a fresh tone in your living space – items like our tensioned Roman blinds are the ideal answer. Regardless of whether they are used on windows, doors, walls or in the roof, the innovative Roman blinds from the KADECO studio catch the eye with their impressive flexibility and optimum functionality for all areas of use. What's more, they also add a characteristic statement to any room. Based on a mechanism of tensioned pleats, the textile blind can be pushed freely along the window with an operating rail. Whether you opt for one fixed rail or two freely adjustable rails is up to you and your personal preferences. The real highlight? Because they are secured with velcro and frieze band, the high-quality fabrics can be removed easily for washing. As a result, the blinds don't just cast your living room and bedroom in a pleasant light, they can also enhance rooms where they have to withstand tougher conditions, like the kitchen, while still allowing you to revive their original shine with just a quick wash. With over 200 attractive fabrics taken from one of our five style categories, you won't fail to be impressed by the wide array of designs with a colour or pattern to match every taste. KADECO also has a unique solution for rooms with lots of different sized glass panels: By combining our tensioned Roman blinds and our panel tracks (which are available in matching fabrics), you can create an impressive, harmonious ambience. Find out more online at www.kadeco-epr.de and www.homeplaza.de.


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