Effective insect protection can be beautiful, too

Modern protection systems offer ultimate protection while setting a visual tone

It's that time of year again: blossoms are starting to bloom in the garden, the temperature is slowly but surely shooting up and drops of sunshine are beginning to conjure up a smile on everyone's lips first thing in the morning. In short: spring is just around the corner! And we all want to enjoy as much fresh air as possible while the sun is out – even when we're inside our own four walls. Open up your doors and windows, it's time to let the healing properties of the spring air into our homes. However, you need to look out: it's not just the fresh air you're welcoming into your home, insects and other unwanted guests often pay a visit, too. 

It is therefore nice to know that there are solutions around that not only keep pests of the flying and crawling varieties out effectively, but are also able to set a stunning visual tone at the same time. The models in KADECO's new collection of insect protection systems are the perfect example. Whether you fit them on a window or door frame made from wood, aluminium or plastic, the various attachment solutions and assembly options for our systems mean that KADECO provides robust, custom-fit protection to fit every space with millimetre precision. As well as classic tensioned screens, products like our sliding cassette roller blinds are particularly well suited to windows. Rotating screens are a practical option for both windows and doors as they can open either inwards and outwards. Or why not try our sliding systems made up of several panels for large surfaces. 

While the elements in a pleated screen can be pushed together with ease to form a slim package, our swing screens allow for access without needing to use your hands. With five different mesh options and a wide array of colours (we also offer all RAL colours on request on top of our four standard colours), KADECO also offers customers countless design options. And last but not least, small touches like our new designer handles transform high-quality protection systems into truly eye-catching design features. Did you know? KADECO also sells specially produced, reliable covers for sky lights and basement-level windows.

Find out more at www.homeplaza.de and www.kadeco-epr.de.

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