Extraordinary light atmosphere

In addition to their decorative aspect, honeycomb blinds offer many other practical benefits for a modern interior design. They filter or prevent too much sunlight from entering the room, stop prying eyes from looking in, and the air cushions in the honeycombs also have an insulating effect to keep heat inside the building on cold days. The positive
effect that honeycomb blinds have on indoor acoustics as well as their different versions, shapes and operating mechanisms, also make them an interesting prospect for use at glass windows and doors.

A cosy atmosphere created by diffuse light, elimination of the need for punched holes in the fabric and concealed cords – those are just some of the visible benefits of honeycomb blinds from KADECO. The back of the blinds are shorter than the front which means that the pleats are even when closed, therefore ensuring that the material has an incredibly
homogeneous and uniform appearance.