Hinged & bifold hinged shutters

Add the finishing touch to your living style

Create your own oasis of wellbeing When the beams of sunlight shine through the high-quality, genuine wood of your shutters, you will immediately be surrounded by a romantic Colonial style, Scandinavian flair or Mediterranean atmosphere - depending on the style you choose from a total of 60 stains and solid colours. These hinged or bifold hinged shutters can easily be folded back to allow flexible adjustment of the view of the outside or the air entering the room. With the aid of a classic push rod fixed centrally on the front of the panel, the adjustable, horizontal slats can be tilted to any angle you wish - so you can always decide how much sunlight you want to let in while you are relaxing.  

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

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Control your sun protection system from anywhere by app

Relax and take it easy with our smart home system for privacy and sun protection systems in your rooms. Enhance your personal lifestyle with MOTION using simple and intuitive controls.

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