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Saving energy and costs in residential buildings


Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are all playing an increasingly important role in new buildings and refurbishments. With our high-quality sun protection solutions, you are opting for genuine energy savers which will provide you with a perfect indoor climate - and look after tomorrow’s world as well as your wallet.

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You know that feeling. When the thermometer climbs above 30 degrees. The shimmering heat of the midday sun makes it hard to keep a cool head and you long for more comfortable temperatures inside your house or apartment. Climate change has long since become a reality: since records began in the 19th century, the 20 hottest summers have all been within the last 22 years. This further increases the challenge of keeping rooms as cool as possible in new and refurbished buildings - and finding the right balance between the environment and personal wellbeing. This is where effective, high-quality sun protection solutions have a crucial role to play.


The importance of your sun protection for the energy efficiency of your house or apartment is shown by a study carried out by the three sun protection industry associations, IVRSA, BVST and VSR. According to the study, made-to-measure sun protection solutions prevent overheating in the summer and lower the associated energy consumption by up to 95 percent. Variable sun protection mounted in front of glazing is therefore officially deemed the most effective green technology against overheating in the home. You protect yourself and your loved ones from the glare of the sun and hot indoor spaces when you use our high-quality products for indoors and outdoors such as awnings, pleated blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, shutters, vertical blinds and panel tracks. At the same time, you are also protecting the environment with a pleasant indoor climate without using any energy-intensive air conditioning systems or fans. That benefits the environment - and your wallet because you save energy and electricity costs.


As a responsible company, the future of our blue planet is close to our heart. Our privacy and sun protection solutions go hand in hand with climate and environmental protection because they regulate the power of the sun and save energy for heat, light and cooling. But that is not all. We put this concept of sustainability into practice when it comes to the details too. We know how important it is to handle resources carefully and sparingly and have internalised these values deep within us. This is demonstrated by our use of renewable energy just as much as by the textiles we use, which meet the most stringent requirements for low-pollutant quality. We are one of the first companies in the industry to start using recycled fabrics in our Level Green collection, which stands for the sustainable use of materials. And that is just one example of our many activities for the environment - and for a shared green future.

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