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New panel curtain collection by KADECO

New collection 2022

We have got used to seeing panel track blinds - also known as sliding panel blinds - on windows and glass façades. The new KADECO panel track collection is inspired by numerous interior design trends to bring the popular classic into line with the very latest trends in home decor. Functionality and sustainability also continue to gain importance.

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In this panel track collection from KADECO, you will find a large selection of designs to suit your home perfectly. From plains to high-quality jacquard devoré and vibrant tweed effects, it encompasses everything you need for a stylish window treatment that gives you privacy. The fabric colours range from classic shades such as white, ecru and beige to hot trends such as coral terra, eucalyptus and basalt. Which means you can design your home to suit your personal taste in colours with your new panel track blinds. The panel track rail is available in four styles so this too can be chosen to go with your design ideas. Your specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on all the various options.


Lighting and glare protection are key factors in fitting out a workplace that functions. Whether at work or at home. Fabrics from the panel track collection that have been designed for public and commercial buildings are therefore ideal for furnishing your home office space with practical glare protection - whilst maintaining a homely atmosphere. Perfectly in keeping with the concept of “Home meets office - office meets home”. Moreover, superior functionality is provided by aluminised and pearlescent finishes, which ensure even greater thermal protection, and fabrics with improved acoustics, which offer especially high sound absorption.



Sustainability is our future. It is what motivates us to find new ways of doing things - and that includes panel track blinds. Which is why you will find fabrics made from sustainable materials in this new collection: the designs on the SEA ECO swatch card are made from recycled ocean plastic, for example. The SUGAR ECO fabrics use bioplastics made from fructose. Industrial waste from the manufacture of polyester fibres and filaments on the other hand are the basis for our panel track blinds in the SNIPS ECO range.

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