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Eco-friendly coating

The environmental aspects of our new powder coating facility

A new, modern powder coating facility at the KADECO factory in Lübbecke ensures that all of the metal parts of the awnings are finished with a high-quality, durable and at the same time, visually attractive coating. Any necessary change of colour takes just about 30 seconds - and we also ensure sustainable production can take place under eco-friendly conditions by using advanced technology.

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Latest technology especially environmentally friendly

By using the latest technology, we are for example reducing our throughput times so that up to 52 percent of the energy required for the entire coating process can be saved. Furthermore, we opt for chrome-free pretreatment and refrain from using toxic and environmentally harmful chrome altogether.

Another environmental aspect, which we took into consideration when planning our new powder coating facility, is the treatment of the wastewater it generates. The result is a cycle in which the water is treated directly on site, which means we only have to dispose of very small amounts of substances that have been filtered out.

Our own powder coating for greater efficiency

Thanks to the new powder coating facility, there is no longer any transportation from and to external service providers which likewise has a positive effect on our environmental footprint. Moreover, we save up to a tonne of packaging materials every year – and are therefore altogether proud to be able to make a good all-round contribution to environmental protection with the new powder coating facility.

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