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Free-hanging honeycomb pleated blinds

Thanks to their operating elements, free-hanging systems are particularly well suited to windows that are located high up. The length of the pulling cord can be individually designed. Please refer to the “Child-safe operation” specifications from EN 13120.

Product information

While tensioned systems are moved by operating rail, free-hanging systems are operated by means of a chain or cord pull.


The WFB "Balance"

The innovative Balance version of free-hanging honeycomb pleated blinds dispenses with operating cords that might get in the way. Just gently moving the bottom rail is all it takes to position the blind exactly where you want it. These systems can be fitted with fabrics from the honeycomb pleated blind and pleated collections up to a height of 220 cm. A maintenance-free spring system allows simple and infinite adjustment – child safe without any operating cords and without any compromise!


Electrically operated honeycomb pleated blinds made by KADECO offer optimum safety and user friendliness. You raise and lower these 24 V electrical systems conveniently at the touch of a button. They can be operated remotely via a wireless hand-held transmitter or from a central control system, which can be equipped with timer programmes or solar monitors. If you are absent, they increase safety, automatically prevent rooms from heating up and, in addition, actively make use of energy saving potential.

Pleated blind widths

As with tensioned blind systems, we offer pleats in widths of 20 mm for free-hanging honeycomb blind systems.

Special shapes

Slanted or slope systems are often used in gabled roof areas. A special production process means the drapes can be pulled up fully into the sloping area of the window.

A universal-mounted cord lock enables free-hanging slope systems to be operated from every angle. Depending on the type of system used, they can be fi tted in roofs with a pitch of 5 – 60°.

Focus on...
A smooth move – the new pleated blind chain pull mechanisms

What makes the FK1 and FK2 chain pull mechanisms for free-hanging systems so outstanding is their enhanced comfort and child-safe operation. KADECO guarantees smooth running and infinite adjustment up to a system height of 260 cm with the new cone drive technology. The chain automatically disconnects from the gearbox when the specified operating force is exceeded, which means that they can end as much as 60 cm above floor level without requiring additional fixing for the necessary child safety.

Save energy – with honeycomb blinds in winter

Windows impact on a building‘s energy consumption in two ways: on the one hand, they allow the sun‘s warming rays to enter the building, but on the other, a lot of heat is lost from them. The special honeycomb structure of the fabric forms pockets of air that provide insulation. At low outdoor temperatures, this reduces the thermal loss at the window, therefore saving heating energy. The lower the insulating effect of the window glazing, the higher the energy-saving effect achieved with honeycomb blinds.


The benefits of a honeycomb blind in winter:

  • Less heat lost from the window pane
  • Lower heating costs
  • Glare protection from the inside
  • Privacy shield from the outside
  • Protection against UV radiation

Prime climate – with honeycomb pleated blinds

In the summer months, honeycomb blinds again guarantee more pleasant temperatures in the house whilst drastically reducing the cooling energy requirements. This effect is primarily achieved thanks to the pearlescent finish on the back of the blinds, which ensures a high degree of solar radiation reflection, thus stopping your rooms from heating up.


The benefits of a honeycomb blind in summer:

  • High degree of solar radiation reflection
  • Glare protection from the inside
  • Privacy shield from the outside
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Pleasant indoor climateSaves on air conditioning costs
Sounds good – optimum indoor acoustics

In addition to their insulating properties, honeycomb pleated blinds also significantly help to improve indoor acoustics. They absorb sound thanks to their textile structure and their pleats help to break up the smooth, sound-reflecting window surfaces. This advantage can be heard loud and clear in conservatories with large glass
surfaces or in offices and meetings rooms.


The benefits for indoor acoustics:

  • Absorbs room noise
  • Reduces reverberation in the room
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Acoustic benefit for large glass surfaces