Versatility for your home


KADECO offers comprehensive insect protection systems with the ideal solution for any criteria. Your local authorised retailer will be happy to tell you more about the range of options and solutions for your requirements. They will also look after the measurements and expert installation so that you can look forward to subtle, yet technically refined insect protection.

KADECO insect protection systems can be used regardless of whether your window or door frame is made out of wood, aluminium or plastic. We produce every system to your exact, millimetre-specific requirements, with various different fixing and installation options available.

PetScreen - keeping pets in and insects out
Dogs and cats need enough space to move and roam around. To make sure your four-legged friends can get out and about whenever they feel like...
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Product information

Versatility for your home

The range of KADECO insect protection systems for doors is made up of the following product groups and application options:

Swing screens
These screens provide access from both directions and don't need to be operated by hand. Swing screens (IST)
Pleated screens
Our pleated designs stand out thanks to their simple mechanism and can be folded together to form a very narrow package on one side.
Sliding screens
Sliding frames are always a practical solution if you are looking for ways to protect windows and large doors against insects.
A full palette of colours

 Almost all of KADECO's insect protection products are available in four standard colours. As well as a high-quality anodised option, they are also available in three RAL colours with a resistant powder coating. Thanks to our cutting-edge powder coating system, most frames can also be ordered in any RAL colour of your choice.


The exclusive design and highly durable frame profile made from extruded aluminium guarantee corrosion-free quality and a long service life. The modern look of the fibre-free profile design is particularly eye-catching, while the profile is easy to clean and sits flush in the façade for a subtle style.

Professional planning
The construction of the window or door is key when it comes to optimum functionality and an understated look for insect protection systems. We provide custom-fit solutions for almost every type of window. We distinguish between 3 main types of window: Flush-mounted, recessed and semi-recessed window fronts.

All of the joins in our frames are precision-cut mitred joints, which are reinforced and compressed with an aluminium angle bracket inserted in the hollow. This creates a long-lasting, custom-fit join; adhesive is used to provide added stability in moving frames or wing elements.

The handles in KADECO insect protection systems meet the highest standards in ergonomics and functionality. Sliding frames are fitted with an attractive handle strip, which is integrated into the profile and allows for easy operation by children and adults of any size. All of our handles are produced using high-quality, wear-free materials. Their design and functionality meet the high standards expected from KADECO.

Mesh options

KADECO offers five different mesh options, each of which is designed to meet a different set of requirements. Because they can be rinsed under flowing water, all of our options are easy to clean.

ClearScreen – KADECO's premium material used as standard
Surrounded by a black plastic frame, this mesh is an exciting option thanks to its exceptionally high level of transparency that is almost unprecedented for an insect protection system. The thread's very fine mesh structure lets in around 20% more air and light without having to sacrifice stability or protection against insects.

During the spring and summer months, allergy sufferers find it increasingly difficult to get enough fresh air without exposing themselves to the health risks caused by the high pollen count. This is where our high-performance pollen protection material can lend a helping hand thanks to its outstanding air circulation values and transparent vision.

Surrounded by a grey plastic frame, this fibre glass mesh has a very understated look when viewed from outside and is even difficult to differentiate from the window pane when viewed from a distance. The run-proof mesh is welded to ensure long-lasting stability.

Dogs and cats don't care whether your door is made from a solid material or an insect protection mesh. As a result, our high-resistance PetScreen (available in black or grey) is ideal for providing top, long-term protection against insects in households that are home to four-legged friends.

The SteelScreen mesh is designed for ground-level or basement-level windows. Made from 0.22 mm thick V2A steel braided mesh, the screen is bite-proof and provides optimum protection against small rodents. This mesh is also the first choice for providing protection against bats in arc windows. With an extraordinarily high level of transparency, the mesh also allows for outstanding air circulation.

Focus on...
PetScreen - keeping pets in and insects out

Dogs and cats need enough space to move and roam around. To make sure your four-legged friends can get out and about whenever they feel like it, we can fit your rotating and swing screens with your own cat or dog flap on request.

However, your beloved pets often bring little insects with them on their way back into your home. This is where the PetScreen mesh by KADECO comes in. Available in black or grey on request, its unique structure makes it exceptionally hard-wearing and stable; after all, your dogs and cats don't care whether your doors are made out of a solid material or insect protection mesh. PetScreen therefore allows your four-legged friends to come and go as they please, while still offering optimum, long-lasting protection against annoying insects.

Hygiene guaranteed – SteelScreen
Made from 0.22 mm thick V2A braided steel mesh, this screen meets the high insect protection standards in place for ensuring hygiene in places like large kitchens, labs and canteens. The mesh is particularly stable and also able to withstand frequent, professional cleaning procedures.