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Light well covers

Insect protection for skylights and cellar windows (ILS/ILSA)
Your home's skylights and cellar windows require a special form of protection. During the autumn months, you often find lots of insects trying to make their way inside so they can hibernate over the winter. KADECO skylight covers also provide reliable protection against rodents, leaves and large pieces of dirt. A high-strength stainless steel mesh made from 0.5 mm thick V2A steel is used to provide long-lasting, corrosion-free protection.

PetScreen - keeping pets in and insects out.
Dogs and cats need enough space to move and roam around. To make sure your four-legged friends can get out and about whenever they feel like...
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Product information

Almost all of KADECO's insect protection products are available in four standard colours. As well as a high-quality anodised option, they are also available in three RAL colours with a resistant powder coating. Thanks to our cutting-edge powder coating system, most frames can also be ordered in any RAL colour of your choice.

Mesh options
Skylights and basement windows require a high degree of protection against insects. Made of high-strength stainless steel mesh using 0.5 mm V2A steel, skylight covers help to protect against insects, leaves and large pieces of dirt.
Lichtschachtabdeckung für Lichtschächte werden standardmäßig mit einer Befestigung mit hochwertigem Kautschukband geliefert. Optional bietet KADECO die Befestigung mit Klemmschrauben an.
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Light well covers.
These solutions protect unique areas of your home, such as skylights and cellar windows. Arc windows with front light wells can also be protected with ease.