The Design technique

Free Line

With the FreeLine panel track technique, the connection between a modern design and a perfect functionality is achieved. Viewed from the front, merely a 50 mm high aluminium rail is visible which can be perfectly adapted to the interior design by its end caps made of metal or wood. Up to five tracks can be arranged consecutively. The panel tracks are attached into the tracks in a concealed manner. The fabrics can be moved nearly soundlessly. The simple attachment and removal of the panel tracks convinces as well as the visual effect of the system.
For an individual adaptation to your spatial conditions, you can choose between three different FreeLine systems.

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ScreenValue FR
This flame-resistant screen made from recycled PET bottles has been certified by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program ...
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Product information
Fabrics and colours
The choice of finished fabrics comprises – besides a large colour range – trendy print designs in watercolour look as well as new textile structures. Beautiful transparent fabrics in manifold variations and fine colour gradiations from white to ecru as well as creme and beige suffuse your rooms with soft and gentle light. Multicolour fancy yarns,

jacquard screens and a wide selection of modern colours are only some of the features.


Fabrics of the KADECO panel track collection are cut on state-of-the-art, computerised laser tables. By means of the laser cut, the panel tracks receive their lateral edge sealing whereby you can do without a stitched seam.

The finish of the fabric primarily serves the hanging property of the panels. Additional coatings reduce the heating of rooms by solar radiation, e.g. by means of reflecting rear sides. Teflon coatings provide the best possible dirt resistance. Antimicrobial protections allow the use on locations where hygiene is of utmost importance such
as doctor‘s surgeries. Moreover, many of the finished fabrics are flame resistant (flammability rating B1 / M1) and are therefore permitted in public buildings.


KADECO string curtains feature sophisticated technology and are easy to operate, as well as being virtually maintenance-free thanks to the use of high-quality components. Fitted with 2, 3, 4 or 5 runners located one behind the other, the FreeLine set enables you to install panel tracks with a width of up to 7 m.


Up to five tracks can be positioned in fixed distances one behind the other in the rail technique which is only 35 mm high. The puristic design is quite present but is however, unobstrusive in its appearance. Moreover, the panels can easily be attached and removed.



Viewed from the front, merely a 50 mm high aluminium rail is visible. Up to five tracks can be positioned one behind the other. The
panel tracks are attached into the tracks in a concealed manner. The fabrics can be moved nearly soundlessly.



The bottom edges for fabric panels are available in different versions for the top and the bottom: with finished (fixed) fabrics, you can choose between visible, high-quality aluminium profiles or an upper frieze band with a seam at the bottom.

The textile (soft) fabrics are solely manufactured with lateral seams as well as an upper velcro and a seam at the bottom.


Panel carriage

type FLP

The fabric is inserted by means of a beading
profile into the aluminium profile of the panel
track so that no seams are visible.


type FLK

The stitched frieze band of the fabric is fixed
to the hook-and-loop tape of the panel carriage
so that the fabric can easily be removed
for being cleaned (standard for textile



Bottom section

Type AFB

The elegant aluminium bottom profile forms
a perfect finish of the fabric panel and is
manufactured as a standard with the panel
carriage, type FLP.


type AFS

Textile (soft) fabrics are provided with a seam
into which a weighting profile is inserted
(standard with a rip-tape panel carriage, type



End caps with a chic wooden trim

Optional solid wood end caps in maple, cherry tree or walnut add a touch of personal style to the FreeLine50.

Focus on...
Aesthetic appeal across the line

Combine the linear nature of panel tracks with the soft fall of a fabric design. With the FreeLine inner rail profile cast from a single mould, this combination is especially stylish.

The subtle inner rail profile (which comes in widths of up to 6 m) is installed at the front and combined with two to four rails for the panel tracks. The clear lines of the panels are the perfect complement to the more decorative aspects of a soft, floating curtain. And it goes without saying that they will enhance the chic look of any window design, giving every visitor an insight into your love of good taste and impressive design.


LaserCut from KADECO gives panel tracks a distinctive finish. Our modern, computerised laser technology can inscribe a wide range of motifs, symbols or lettering into the drape - in precise accordance with your requirements. With LaserCut, the interplay between light and shadow reaches new dimensions.

ScreenValue FR – LEVEL GREEN

Sustainable living with LEVEL GREEN – ScreenValue FR

This flame-resistant screen made from recycled PET bottles has been certified by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program and has achieved the Bronze standard. Products that follow the Cradle to Cradle approach are designed with closed biological and technological material cycles in mind. The material is harmless to health and the environment. What’s more, the Cradle to Cradle concept promotes the use of renewable energy sources, high water efficiency and high social responsibility. This material also fulfils the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

KADECO offers these exceptional fabrics for both panel tracks and vertical blinds.

ScreenVision FR – PVC-free

PVC-free fabrics

This new KADECO screen for panel tracks and roller blinds is made from special Trevira CS yarns and sets itself apart with its particularly smooth surface. The flame-resistant material provides high glare protection and outstanding visibility to the outside. Its relatively high weight ensures its excellent ability to retain its shape. Naturally, ScreenVision FR is PVC-free, recyclable and fulfils the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The OEKO-TEX® label is a certification for fabrics produced from materials that have been tested for harmful substances with the aid of environmentally friendly processes as well as under safe and socially responsible working conditions.