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Free-hanging pleated blinds

There are many reasons to purchase KADECO pleated blinds: decorative yet functional, their sophisticated technology and tailor-made solutions suit almost any style of window.

Thanks to their operating elements, free-hanging systems are particularly well suited to windows that are located high up. The drape can be positioned at any height you wish.


Product information

While tensioned systems are moved by operating rail, free-hanging systems are operated by means of a chain or cord pull.



Electrically operated pleated blinds made by KADECO offer optimum safety and user- friendliness. You raise and lower these 24 V electrical systems conveniently at the touch of a button. Operation can either take place remotely via a wireless hand-held transmitter or from a central control system, which can be equipped with timer programmes or solar monitors. If you are absent, they increase safety, automatically prevent rooms from heating up and, in addition, actively make use of energy saving potential.

Pleated blind widths

KADECO offers pleats in widths of 20 mm.

Special shapes

Thanks to a wide range of special designs and operating variants, KADECO can provide the perfect solution for almost every window situation. Whether you want to install blinds in a conservatory, under the gable, in rooflights or the ceiling area, the wide range of operating and drive variants provide optimum privacy screens and sun protection, even in confined areas.

Slanted or slope systems are often used in gabled roof areas. A special production process means the drapes can be pulled up fully into the sloping area of the window. A universal-mounted cord lock enables free-hanging slope systems to be operated from every angle. Depending on the type of system used, they can be fi tted in roofs with a pitch of 5 – 60°.

Focus on...
A smooth move – the new pleated blind chain pull mechanisms

What makes the FK1 and FK2 chain pull mechanisms for free-hanging systems so outstanding is their enhanced comfort and child-safe operation. KADECO guarantees smooth running and infinite adjustment up to a system height of 260 cm with the new cone drive technology. The chain automatically disconnects from the gearbox when the specified operating force is exceeded, which means that they can end as much as 60 cm above floor level without requiring additional fixing for the necessary child safety.

We‘ve got you covered – pleated blinds for your conservatory

Specific thermal conditions prevail in conservatories or under glass roofs. That‘s why ceiling systems, which are easy to operate by operating rod, crank or electric drive, are particularly suited to optimising the room temperature. The pearlescent finishes or aluminium coatings on the back of the pleated blinds have extremely high reflection values and ensure that the entire room stays cool, not just the ceiling area. This allows you to make significant energy cost savings for air conditioning in the summer.