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Diversity meets design

The pleated blind collection

The current KADECO collection captivates and excites with a refined sense for attitudes to life and moods. An unparalleled range of fabrics from subtle, elegant patterns to stylish, harmonious worlds of colour – pleated blinds offer you a tailored solution for a wide range of requirements.

Discover a never-ending range of colour and specially designed exclusive patterns and fabrics that will blend seamlessly with your personal style of interior design.


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Product information
Colour trends

Pleated blind fabrics characterised by delicate nuances of colour

The colours have a relaxing effect in the living area and provide a peaceful retreat from hectic everyday life. Not only do the muted tones serve to emphasise this effect, they also give the impression of extra space.
Our new collection features a series of special colour themes that focus on popular colour combinations
and create a high-end look.



A sophisticated look: brass meets black

With their warm brass tones combined with black, our pleated blinds have never looked so opulent and luxurious. This sophisticated contrast is sure to add shimmering accents to any interior. The design in the brass/black colour combination brass is a tribute to the Art Deco style that was popular between the 1920s and 1940s. The black goes perfectly with rich colours and natural tones, and blends in exceptionally well with interior designs comprising light wood, pale concrete and glass elements.


Pastel tones for relaxed airiness

The smoky pastel tones lend a soothing note to every room. With delicate colour gradients ranging from fresh soft mint or a light dusky pink to a delicate white, it’s never been easier to incorporate discreet and homely splashes of colour into your contemporary decor. In harmonious combinations with warm and delicate shades of grey, these colours
develop a particularly sensual character and are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. The muted colours harmonise unobtrusively with a natural style, creating a relaxed look that is simply perfect for highlighting well-loved vintage furnishings.


Inspired by nature

Our classically elegant colour combination has now a modern twist that just oozes sophistication: the smoky blue and grey-brown tones in the new collection bring a real sense of peace and relaxation. The new designs and exciting structures are inspired by nature and reminiscent of gently flowing streams, rugged rocks and gnarly woods. Their matt, muted character makes the new blue tones look incredibly homely and elegant, making them the perfect match for the current trend for natural wood tones.


Fabrics and their properties

Using one of the most traditional manufacturing processes for fabrics, we produce unique textiles that combine modern colours and graphic designs for a finish with real appeal. The modern interpretation of this traditional art is giving the weaving technology new impetus in the world of interior design. Whether it’s Scherli brocade or jacquard or one of our other special weaving techniques, these bonding types characterise the uniqueness of our pleated blind collection with interesting and distinct structures.