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Diversity meets design

Classic roller blinds

The current KADECO collection captivates and excites with a refined sense for attitudes to life and moods. An unparalleled range of fabrics from subtle, elegant patterns to trendy, harmonious worlds of colour – roller blinds offer you a tailored solution for a wide range of requirements.

Discover a never-ending range of colour and specially designed exclusive patterns and fabrics which will fit perfectly to your personal style of interior design.

LITIO2.0 – A new generation of wireless motors
Thanks to a long‑life battery the wireless motors are very flexible in their use and require no preparatory work. Charging the battery is just as simple and easy as the installation. It is integrated into the rod of the roller blind so that it is not visible.

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Product information
Décor and colours

Following the Scandinavian hygge trend, our design team has developed colour combinations which create a sense of comfort, warmth and lightness in every room. We are happy to introduce our diverse collection featuring fabrics which are ideal not just for roller blinds, but are also wonderful for panel tracks.

Darkening fabrics
Translucent fabrics

The KADECO range of roller blinds comprises four basic systems, each of which offers a perfectly matching solution for virtually any application.

Overview of KADECO's roller blind range:

Classic roller blinds
Classic roller blinds convince by their balanced proportions and high functionality. The fixing with the lateral supports at the wall or ceiling almost disappears behind discreet covers. Ideal for an alternating incidence of light: the infinite positioning of the fabric.

Classic roller blinds with carrier profile
Our idea for the roller blinds with carrier profile was the following:
We wanted to simplify the fixing in the best possible way. The roller blind is already pre-mounted onto a carrier profile and is only fixed to the wall or ceiling by means of fixing clips. These can be positioned variably according to the requirements of the room. The fabric can be positioned infinitely - like with all the classic roller blinds - due to a swing gear. Widths up to 280 cm are available.

Cassette roller blinds
Cassette roller blinds not only support the effect of elegance and size but also offer concrete benefits. Cassettes protect the fabric and are ideal for the darkening. By means of harmonious proportions and a uniform visual appearance, our newly designed round cassette is appropriate for roller blind widths of up to 350 cm. The straight rear side rests flush at the wall and hides the mounting clips.
For an optimum darkening of the room, you should equip your cassette roller blinds with lateral guiding profiles. In case you like it more comfortably, you decide for a motorisation of your cassette roller blind - instead of the standard chain operation.

Roof-light roller blinds
Our roof-light roller blinds are optimised for the simple assembly in nearly all roof-lights of the brand manufacturers. In most cases, the indication of the window type is sufficient for finding the suitable roller blind. You can insert nearly all fabrics of our collection in roof-light roller blinds - except screen and folio fabrics.

Motors and automation
Electrically operated roller blinds from KADECO offer maximum safety and user-friendliness.

Operation is easy with a wall switch or a convenient remote control. Motors with Somfy io wireless technology can be connected to an existing home control, e.g. from Somfy, using an app on your smartphone or via your “Smart Home”. All wired motors are suitable for home control via bus systems, without integrated radio.

Versatile automatic functions from a timer to the sun sensor not only increase safety, but also prevent the rooms from heating up – a perfect support for active energy saving. We offer a wide range of options for the roller blind electric drive. These include the ultraquiet KADECO EVOLUTION motor, standard motors with 24 V or 230 V as well as battery-operated solutions if there is no power connection or for retrofitting.
LITIO2.0 – the battery-operated motors for the new generation
LITIO2.0 products can be implemented very flexibly and do not require any preliminary work thanks to the durable battery.
Charging the lithium-ion battery is just as simple as the installation; depending on the product and the size of the system, the battery guarantees a period of operation of about 3 months (with 4 operating cycles per day). The battery can then be recharged using a battery charger with minimal effort.
Our LITIO 2.0 motors are also ideal for retrofitting if there is
no power connection present or if no new power lines can be
installed. The batteries are concealed in the rod.
To increase convenience levels here too, some of the wireless remote controls are equipped with a timer function. This enables you to raise or lower the roller blinds on a timer.

KADECO roller blinds offer an infinite variety of colour, style and material combinations.

Bottom end profiles

Six different bottom end profiles for KADECO roller blinds are available to choose from. Most roller blinds feature a square, visible aluminium profile as standard.

Anti-swing mechanism

An optional anti-swing mechanism provides an optional side guide for roller blind types S, ST, SKR and SKE. The anti-swing mechanism comprises a wire tensioned to the left and right of the
roller blind combined with a semi-circular bottom end profile and special end caps.

Focus on...
Enjoy the shade in peace: The quiet EVOLUTION of the radio-controlled motors

Barely seen or heard: the new, quiet EVOLUTION radio-controlled motor
Clear for all to see: the attractive introductory package

Users will be amazed by the new EVOLUTION radio-controlled motor with its extremely quiet drive, which moves the roller blinds into any position so discreetly that the adjustment goes virtually unnoticed. The new soft-glide function brakes the drape shortly before it reaches the upper end position, gently drawing in the final few centimetres. The appearance of the EVOLUTION is also characterised by understated appeal: with its slim motor head, it is almost invisible when the roller blinds are open, and multiple motors can be supplied with 230 V voltage in parallel during electrical installation.

Comfort is preprogrammed
The drape has three preset intermediate positions – which the motor saves automatically after determining the two end positions – for an extra level of convenience. These positions are set at 25%, 50% and 75% height and can be activated individually via the remote control or wall-mounted transmitter. Alternatively, the three intermediate positions can be programmed at any other height as desired.

With three different speeds of 12, 16 or 20 revolutions per minute, the EVOLUTION radio-controlled motor is perfectly suited to virtually any type of roller blind. The factory-set speed can be changed at any time, and the motor can be controlled with all "Wireless" and "Flute" remote controls or with the "Kuadro" wall-mounted transmitter. It can be programmed easily using the remote control or wall-mounted transmitter, making it particularly convenient to use.

A small revolution

We are particularly proud of this new development: Our motorised roller blinds can now be mounted at any point of the room, without cable guide and without any help of an electrically qualified person.An advantage of the LITIO motor is the possibility to install it without renovation efforts as no external power supply is necessary. Therefore, it is also ideal for the retrofitting in rented accomodations.

The Lithium ion rechargeable battery of the roller blind which has been motorised without wires lasts approx. three months with four operating cycles per day. The charge process is as comfortable as for a mobile phone: just connect it to a power supply unit over night. A disassembly of the roller blind is not necessary.


Help your rooms to appear larger by combining more than one roller blind. For example, you can combine two roller blinds to achieve widths of up to 700 cm with just a 22 mm gap between the fabric.  You can choose between manual operation on both sides or synchronous motors.

LevelGreen – Protect resources and use them with respect

Gorgeous fabrics

The decision is ours – for this product series our top priority is to handle our resources with respect. The LevelGreen collection is the latest addition to our line of environmentally-friendly products made of recycled plastic bottles and packaging which have been recycled, shredded and then melted down to produce a polyester yarn. The process almost halves energy consumption and uses hardly any water, sensibly saves resources and is good for the environment.


A high-end, unique solution – Omnia roller blind technology

The chic appearance of “OMNIA” roller blind technology adds a special touch to your home. High-quality brushed aluminium brackets milled from a single piece and equipped with a polished stainlesssteel ring set a particularly stylish and delicate tone. The system sets the highest standards when it comes to function, design and material selection, and is largely free of plastic components.

The key elements of the OMNIA are the two side panels milled from a solid aluminium block, which fully enclose the gear and counter bearings. The gear is particularly smooth-running and quiet.

SI chain-pull roller blind

What sets the SI roller blind apart is its particularly sophisticated
appearance. The stainless steel finish of the supports, operating
chains and bottom end profiles gives the SI a special elegance.
Available in a maximum width of 280 cm.

ScreenVision FR – PVC-free

PVC-free fabrics

This new KADECO screen for panel tracks and roller blinds is made from special Trevira CS yarns and sets itself apart with its particularly smooth surface. The flame-resistant material provides high glare protection and outstanding visibility to the outside. Its relatively high weight ensures its excellent ability to retain its shape. Naturally, ScreenVision FR is PVC-free, recyclable and fulfils the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The OEKO-TEX® label is a certification for fabrics produced from materials that have been tested for harmful substances with the aid of environmentally friendly processes as well as under safe and socially responsible working conditions.