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Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds guarantee elegance for your windows. They effectively regulate the amount of light in the room as well as the room temperature. With three different slat widths, you can adjust your venetian blind so that it is in proportion with the size of the window.
The range of colours extends from cool, metallic tones to warm colours and expressive textures. Aluminium venetian blinds add a stylish touch to modern living rooms.

A perfect colour palette
Want to design your own venetian blind? All the slats in our collection can be customised with your own colour choices. > More

Product information

The different venetian blind models feature colour-coordinated end caps, cords and operating elements as well as uniform top and bottom rails. High-quality aluminium and plastic components ensure that the venetian blinds will last for many years to come. The aluminium profiles are anodised (E6/EV1) or have a high-quality powder coating.

Profiles and cords

The top and bottom rails are either the same colour or colour-coordinated. Similarly, the colours of the cords are coordinated with the slats.

Plastic components

Rotary knobs, handles, and operating chains are available in three colours (white, grey, anthracite) to complement the various slat colours.

  ClassicLine 16, 25 mm

  JC1, JC2
  • Height adjustment with the cord pull
  • Locking with the cord lock
  • Transparent operating rod for turning
  • Operating elements positioned on one side or on opposite sides
  OneLine 16, 25 mm

  JO1, JO2
  • Height adjustment and turning with the plastic chain
  • Metal chain available as an option
  • Infinite locking
  ClassicLine 50 mm
  • Aluminium upper profile available in white or silver
  • Decorative edge matching the slat drape
  • Height adjustment and turning with the plastic chain
  • Metal chain or crank available as an option


JV1, JV2 „Tensioned“
16 mm, 25 mm
  • Venetian blind with surrounding cord tension
  • Height adjustment by moving the bottom operating rail
  • Turning via the transparent adjustment rod, or with the rotary knob on the top rail as an option
  • Two clamping shoes fix the venetian blind in place at the bottom
JF1, JF2 „FlicFlac“
16 mm, 25 mm
  • Venetian blinds with surrounding cord tension
  • Height adjustment by moving the top and bottom operating rails (in both directions)
  • Rotary knob on the top rail
  • Top rail fixed magnetically
JOI1, JOI2 „Integral OneLine“
16 mm, 25 mm
  • For installation in the casement
  • Height adjustment and turning with the plastic chain
  • Removable edge
  • Anti-swing mechanism for side guide (standard)
JEDF2 Elegance
  • Upper edge with rotary knob
  • Guide rails for flush installation
  • Height adjustment by moving the bottom operating rail
  • White and silver/grey profile colours
Anti-swing mechanism
• For installation on tilt-and-turn windows
• For side guide of venetian blind
Metal handle
• Metal handle to enhance the venetian blind
Special designs
JCS20, JCS21, JCS22 (25 mm)
  • For square windows
  • Turning over the entire surface with the adjustment rod
  • Restricted height adjustment via pulling cord
  • The operating mechanism can be positioned on the sides shown in the following drawings:

Types of slats
16 mm slats
create a particularly delicate look in front of small to mediumsized windows

25 mm slats
are very versatile with a wide range of options
50 mm slats
form a design element for larger windows (with ladder tapes as an option)
Focus on...
Venetian blinds for rooflights

These are ideally suited for stylish and functional decoration. With rooflights, the key is to find a precise way to regulate the light as it enters the room from above. All-round system bracing keeps the rooflight venetian blind in the required position. You can open and close the blinds using the operating rail, whilst a rotary knob is used to adjust the slats.


The FlicFlac mechanism comprises a freely movable venetian blind which is tensioned in the window. The upper and lower profiles can be set to any height you desire by using a handle. The slats are available in widths of 16 mm or 25 mm and their angle can be adjusted using a rotary knob on the upper profile.

A perfect colour palette

Living Stripes

The use of different colours within a single blind is a special design option which allows you to set visual tones in your interior spaces. Both bold and on trend, our Living Stripes will enchant you with their expression of the creative ideas of our designers, which are manifest in the range‘s 16 different models and their associated mood themes.

You can design your venetian blinds slat by slat entirely to your own preferences. KADECO offers this creative option for all of its aluminium slats in widths from 16 mm to 50 mm.

Design options

Revival 50 mm

The decorative Revival mechanism is the original drive format used to control venetian blinds. The wooden rails at the top and bottom are available in selected shades from the Oxford and Portland wood ranges. They can also be combined with translucent plastic slats as well as aluminium slats with a 50 mm width.
Ladder cord
Colour-coordinated with the venetian blind (standard)
Ladder tape
• Available in widths of 25 mm / 38 mm
• Colour-coordinated with the slats as a contrast or match
Motorised venetian blinds
JM1, JM2, JMK5 (16, 25, 50 mm)
Electrically operated venetian blinds with 24 V or 230 V technology offer optimum safety and user friendliness. Operation can either take place remotely via a wireless hand-held transmitter or from a central control system, which can be equipped with timer programmes or solar monitors. If you are absent, they increase safety, automatically prevent rooms from heating up and, in addition, actively make use of energy saving potential.
A variety of cross-product motorisation systems are available at the touch of a button, from individual systems and groups right through to applications involving connection to the latest generation of home automation technology.