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Elegance for your windows

Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds guarantee elegance for your windows. They regulate the amount of light in the room effectively, thus keeping the temperature under control, too. The wide range of colours extends from cool, metallic tones to warm colours and statement structures. Aluminium Venetian blinds set a modern tone and are the hallmark of minimalist living.

Playing with colours
Let your creativity flow and design your personal unique venetian blind. Venetian blinds by KADECO can be manufactured slat by slat according to your colour requests. > More

Product information

Our new Venetian blind collection comprises more than 260 types of slat. With a wide choice of materials on offer, the colours and materials work in perfect harmony for wonderful creative effects. There are many innovative designs and surfaces to choose from, such as rubberised slats with the velvety look and feel of velour and brushed, perforated, shimmering and flecked slats. All these are waiting to be discovered as part of the impressive range.


JC1, JC2 "Classic Line"

16 mm, 25 mm
Classic Venetian blind with cord pull and adjustment rod, either on one side or on opposite sides, reliable locking thanks to high-quality cord lock, optionally available with anti-swing mechanism


JO1, JO2 "OneLine"

16 mm, 25 mm

Convenient single-element operation with chain (optionally available in metal) with 1-to-1 gear unit on the side for smooth lifting and turning.


JV1, JV2

16 mm, 25 mm

Freely movable Venetian blind with system bracing for installation on the casement, lower profile with handle (optionally available in metal). Choice of attractively shaped rotary knob or adjustment rod on upper profile.

JF1, JF2 "FlicFlac"

16 mm, 25 mm

New variable Venetian blind, upper and lower profiles that are freely movable in both directions, robust system bracing, fully enclosed upper profile with magnetic lock, handles optionally available in metal.


"Integral OneLine"

16 mm, 25 mm

Discreetly blends in with the shape and size of the casement, lateral guide keeps the blind secure in the case of tilt and turn windows, easy mounting thanks to removable edge, chain operation. The chain comes out of the edge at the side.

JC3, JC5


35 mm, 50 mm

Convenient operation by means of cord pull and cord winding, either on one side or on opposite sides, metal tassels as standard (JC5 only: can be customised using ladder tape or translucent slats).

JO3, JO5


35 mm, 50 m

Robust Venetian blind for large areas, easy operation with crank (removable, crank emerges at a 45 degree angle).

JEDF3 "Elegance"

35 mm

Tried-and-tested solution for rooflights with
attractively shaped cassette and guide rails down the sides, rotary knob on upper profile, opened and closed with operating rail.


Anti-swing mechanism: Lateral guide that uses bracing wire to keep the blind in place when hung in front of a tilt and turn window.

Also available in metal!

Use your imagination and enhance your Venetian blind by adding a metal handle or a metal chain (option available for an additional charge).

Special designs

Easy to mount and perfectly integrated: Our aluminium Venetian blinds are the ideal choice when it comes to special designs because they provide a whole host of options. After all, unusual shapes call for special solutions.

Slat widths

Venetian blinds guarantee elegance for your windows. They regulate the amount of light in the room effectively, thus keeping the temperature under control, too. Four different slat widths are ideal for making sure your rooms always look in proportion.

Focus on...
Playing with colours

Multicoloured Venetian blinds

Let your creativity loose and design your own one-off blind. KADECO Venetian blinds can be manufactured with slats of different colours, according to your requirements. Whether you opt for two, three or more colours, you can emphasise your individuality and give your home a distinctive character.

FlicFlac – the magic touch

Our “FlicFlac“ Venetian blind (16 + 25 mm slat widths) contains an extra special surprise. This Venetian blind, which features system bracing, can be moved in any direction thanks to the freely movable upper an lower profiles. One of the key highlights of this product is that it has magnetic locks on the upper profile for fixing the blind in the upper position.

The perfect view thanks to perforated slats

Each slat in this Venetian blind is perforated. While providing ideal protection against glare from diffusing incident light, the curtain appears transparent when closed, creating a one-of-a-kind light design.


Rooflights – pretty off the wall

This means they are ideally suited for stylish and functional Venetian blind decoration. With rooflights, the key is to find a precise way to regulate the light as it enters the room from above. All-round system bracing keeps the rooflight Venetian blind in the required position. You can move the blind up and down using the operating rail while a rotary knob is used to adjust the slats.