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Anything but ordinary!

Translucent venetian blinds

Translucent plastic slats break up hard contours and create gentle and extraordinary light effects in living and work spaces.

Depending on the angle you view it from, the intensity and angle of the light change the colour of the ombré-style slats.


The revival of the "Sixties"

By means of the tranclucent venetian blinds by KADECO, you can revive the 60s. Their typical plastic slats in the look of the Sixties remind of an era which was dedicated to a futuristic art and its faith in design.

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Product information

Our translucent plastic slats are available in eight pastel shades. As well as diffusing the daylight as it enters, they also create extraordinary light effects at the window.



  50 mm translucent slats
  • Aluminium upper profile available in white or silver
  • Decorative edge matching the slat drape
  • Height adjustment and turning with the plastic chain
  • Metal chain or crank available as an option


  JRT5 „Revival“ 50 mm
  Decorative, open Venetian blind
  technology in its original form, top and
  bottom wooden rails in 4 different
  colours, cord pull and cord winding,
  choice of wooden, aluminium or
  translucent plastic slats, optionally
  available with ladder tape.
Slat widths

Venetian blinds guarantee elegance for your windows. They regulate the amount of light in the room effectively, thus keeping the temperature under control, too. The slats for translucent Venetian blinds are 50 mm wide.


Ladder tape
The optional ladder tape lends the Venetian blinds a unique character, whether with harmonised tones or contrasting colours. The ladder tape is available in two different widths and can be used with virtually any Venetian blind with a slat width of 50 mm. Whether you opt for a block colour, prints or Jacquard fabric, your personal taste ultimately determines the statement you wish to make with your personal Venetian blinds and ladder tape.

Focus on...
The sixties revival

With translucent Venetian blinds by KADECO, you can bring the 1960s back to life. With their classic, plastic 60s-style slats, they are evocative of an era committed to futuristic art and a love of design. By playing with colours, you can get creative with your Venetian blinds, just like the Pop Art stars of the 1960s.

As well as multicoloured ladder tapes and cords, you can also opt for the optional open "Revival" mechanism. The top and bottom wooden rails contrast playfully with the plastic slats, creating a look of pure elegance with their cutting-edge design.

Change of colour

Let your creativity loose and design your own one-off blind. KADECO Venetian blinds can be manufactured with slats of different colours, according to your requirements. Whether you opt for two, three or more colours, you can emphasise your individuality and give your home a distinctive character.