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Vertical blinds

Installing a KADECO vertical blind will makeyour living space more attractive, which in turn will make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Our blinds are designed in accordance with your requirements and dimensions.

Vertical blinds blend functional privacy shielding and glare protection with creative freedom like no other type of curtain. Right up-to-date with the latest interior design trends, clear lines are used to set the tone while the use of sunlight as a design element plays an increasingly important role.

The wide range of options for architectural and decorative design offered by vertical blinds are particularly exciting. Thanks to the slats' vertical arrangement, every window and, as a result, every room appears longer and taller. They also open up new opportunities when it comes to controlling the level of light in your rooms.

Thanks to our modern, functional and attractive fabrics, our vertical blinds are particularly well suited for use in offices and commercial or public buildings. They are ideal for controlling the level of light in workplaces that use screens, while functional aspects, like their washability, make them a true all-rounder in medical settings or areas with strict hygiene requirements.

Show off your lust for life
Is that really a vertical blind? Vertical blinds with a width of 250 mm are often confused for panel tracks due to their appearance. The "wide screen" design brings together the best of both worlds.
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Décor and colours

Transform your home into an oasis of comfort.

Exciting designer slats create enthralling effects in modern living spaces, conjuring up a unique, vivid ambience with individual, changing colours.

Let your creativity loose and design your own one-off blind. KADECO vertical blinds can be manufactured with slats of different colours, according to your requirements.

KADECO also offers the most exquisite fabrics, e.g. with woven Lurex threads in a vibrant stripy look or a chic structure: the range is extensive so you are sure to find inspiration. Further highlights include our aluminium, plastic or film slats:


KADECO systems are equipped with a userfriendly mono-chain operating mechanism as standard. The chain is used both to open and close the system, and to turn it. Incorrect operation is virtually impossible since the drape always partially opens by 20° prior to moving. The operating mechanisms can be installed on the left or right and combined with the usual types of opening (see Technology section).

Curved, sloped and ceiling systems are equipped with a conventional chain and cord operating mechanism as standard. The cord is used to open and close the system, the chain to turn the slats. Always make sure that the slats are opened to 90° before moving them. Here again, the operating mechanism can be positioned on the left or

Virtually all of the vertical blind systems supplied by KADECO can be poweroperated using low-voltage technology.
The various activation options, using buttons, remote controls, timer switches, etc. make the system extremely easy to operate. The servo drive is nice and unobtrusive; it is mounted to the right, left, or above the rail in the ceiling cut-out. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice on the specific requirements for your home or property.


Weighting plates

Fabric, aluminium, PVC or film – a KADECO vertical blind can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, depending on your individual requirements.

KADECO gives you a choice of three weighting plates:

Built-in rail

It looks as if the slats are anchored straight into the ceiling: the guide rails are inserted into a profile that is built into the ceiling so that they are invisible. An interesting solution for suspended ceiling systems – understated technology for a statement effect.

Special shapes

KADECO vertical blinds have the ideal solution for rooms and windows of all shapes and sizes: be it a slanted rooflight in the gables, horizontal semi-circular arches in a bay, vertical shapes in a true arched windows, tensioned systems in the ceiling, or even a temporary room divider. The system's flexibility and precision production mean that KADECO vertical blinds are incredibly versatile.

Slat widths

Custom design right down to the last detail

Depending on which fabric you opt for, KADECO slats are available in four widths: 89, 127 and 250 mm – from delicate to powerful. Simply go for the slat width that you like best.

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Show off your lust for life

Is that really a vertical blind? Vertical blinds with a width of 250 mm are often confused for panel tracks due to their appearance. The "wide screen" design brings together the best of both worlds. While providing the expansive space for decorative interior design on the one hand, it also has the sophisticated technology on the other. And because the sun never shines with the same intensity and because every room has its own needs when it comes to light and warmth, the adjustable vertical blinds provide optimum protection from the sun. Thanks to their rotating slats, the blinds can be adjusted to suit every level of light. The wide range of fabrics and materials for vertical blinds do their bit to make sure you find a solution to suit your various, visual sun protection requirements and design needs.

String curtains – pretty groovy

Whether in front of a window or as a room divider: as an elegant design element, track blinds or string panel tracks by KADECO bring a new lightness to your stylish home.

String curtains by KADECO come in an extensive range of colours for the unique decoration in all of your rooms. Get in touch with your creative side. With a total of 25 on-trend colours, our string blinds and string panel tracks inspire unique design ideas.

So individual and so versatile!

Today you need a separate area, but tomorrow you need the whole area of the room? Vertical blinds can also be used flexibly as temporary room dividers, thus allowing different usage concepts for living and office spaces.

Ceiling-tensioned slats

Our blinds can also be fitted horizontally or on a slant for use in rooflights, conservatories or large windows on pitched roofs. For these solutions, the slats are tensioned on both ends and kept in shape by a spring system and guide rails on both sides. The system's flexibility and precision production mean that KADECO vertical blinds are incredibly versatile.

Our fabrics truly are a work-of-art

Slats made from white, opaque PVC or translucent plastic. Anti-static, non-sensitive and washable, our all-rounders can be used in medical settings or areas with strict hygiene requirements. Depending on where you are planning to use them, you can opt for our transparent or blackout designs.

Laser Cut

LaserCut from KADECO gives vertical blinds a distinctive finish. Our modern, computerised laser technology can inscribe a wide range of motifs, symbols or lettering into the drape–in precise accordance with your requirements.

ScreenValue FR – LEVEL GREEN

Sustainable living with LEVEL GREEN – ScreenValue FR

This flame-resistant screen made from recycled PET bottles has been certified by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program and has achieved the Bronze standard. Products that follow the Cradle to Cradle approach are designed with closed biological and technological material cycles in mind. The material is harmless to health and the environment. What’s more, the Cradle to Cradle concept promotes the use of renewable energy sources, high water efficiency and high social responsibility. This material also fulfils the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

KADECO offers these exceptional fabrics for both panel tracks and vertical blinds.