Rope-guided model 715

Robust protection with filigree design

Our rope-guided vertical awning 715 fits with millimetre accuracy to your window frame with fixed holders to blend seamlessly into your façade. Filigree and almost invisible nylon rods to the sides of the drape additionally ensure that the awning cannot swing back and forth in the wind either. Therefore, it is close to your window and protects you and your family perfectly from the glaring rays of sunshine at any time of day. Transform your rooms into a pure paradise of shade when you need to with the aid of the flush mounted awning, which is made to fit the window precisely, while saving valuable energy otherwise used for temperature regulation. 

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on your options. 

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Controls & Comfort for your Awning

Want sun protection at the push of a button?

Whether intuitive wireless remote control or comprehensive integration into a smart home - you decide which control and comfort options your awning will be provided with. For a favourite outdoor spot just how you want it.

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