Vacation feeling for your own home

Shutters create a Mediterranean ambience for any space

Sun, sand and sea – the South attracts countless holidaymakers every single year. With its one-of-a-kind flair and lust for life, the Mediterranean region has become a particularly beloved spot for many people. Unfortunately, a holiday like this only offers a brief respite from the routines of everyday life. However, it's good to know that you can transport the ambience of the Mediterranean to your own four walls on a long-term basis. By adding shutters, for instance: our classic, elegant wooden window shutters not only impress thanks to their high level of flexibility and exceptional versatility, they also add a distinctive splash of Southern charm to any room. 

From a rustic country house to modern architecture, KADECO has the ideal designer blinds for any requirement. Whether you want blinds for floor-level windows in tall rooms or wide glass fronts or even a way to divide a room, there is no end to your design options when you use shutters. To make sure each individual product fits the requirements of the room and its inhabitants, all of KADECO's wooden window shutters are custom-made by hand according to the customer's personal requirements and are also available in four different systems. For instance, we have hinged panels for widths of up to 180 centimetres, while our bifold shutters are the perfect way to cover surfaces of over 2.5 metres.  For a larger-scale solution, our sliding panels are ideal thanks to their total width of five metres, while our bifold/sliding panels can reach 5.30 metres. 

Furthermore, especially challenging designs, like pitched and arc windows, and special shapes, like circular or polygon windows, can enjoy a Mediterranean touch with our shutters. As stylish room dividers, our high-quality shutters become an eye-catching feature. When it comes to designing your own dream window shutters (which, by the way, are also ideal for wetrooms) KADECO customers get to choose from 50 UV-resistant and scratch-proof lacquer finishes and shades of stain. To ensure the perfect level of light and air, we also offer two intelligent functions for adjusting the slats.As a result, you can cultivate just the right ambience for every room in your house and bring a holiday feeling into your home. Find out more at and

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