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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

Your impressive light effects

You decide! About your life, your options, your home. With our highly flexible vertical blinds you can finely adjust the amount of light entering the room and at the same time, enjoy the positive effects of daylight – without having to forego your privacy. Use them to create the ideal atmosphere for focusing on your work in the office or enjoying time at home without being disturbed. And turn your room into an enchanted space with the atmospheric interplay between light and shadow.


Vertical blinds are a timeless classic in the office. Our new vertical blinds collection demonstrates just what a modern interpretation can look like. Perfectly in tune with trends in modern living and working, with features designed for the strict requirements of hygienically sensitive, healthcare and public spaces.

Acoustically effective in your office, hygienic in the healthcare sector or decorative in your home: vertical blinds show off their advantages as privacy, glare and sun protection products in any kind of space. The wide selection of different designs, colours and functional features make the vertical blinds collection the ideal choice for your individual space.



[Translate to English:] Fünf verschiedene Lamellen der Golden Garden Edition von KADECO

GOLDEN GARDEN conveys a harmonious connection to nature and encompasses a colour palette ranging from khaki and olive to brown.

[Translate to English:] Lamellen in Beige, Weiß, Grau und Dunkelgrau aus der Edition Forever Classics von KADECO

FOREVER CLASSIC is the embodiment of timeless elegance and gives a harmonious light and airy feel with its beige and grey nuances.

[Translate to English:] Fünf Lamellen in Blau, Silber und Grautönen der Edition KADECO Atelier

SILVER BLUES impresses with a fusion of silvery grey and blue as well as smoky tones. They will turn a room into a source of calm and permanence.


Sustainable vertical blinds

Sustainability is a common theme running through the vertical blind collection too. The fabrics are manufactured from recycled PET sourced from old plastic packaging such as bottles or plastic bags.

Some of the sustainable quality slats meet the safety requirements for low flammability (Class B1 according to standard DIN EN 4102-1). This just goes to show that sustainability and functional features such as low flammability are compatible and can be visually attractive

  • Large selection of sustainable designs
  • Made from recycled PET
  • Some qualities certified as flame-resistant (class B1 according to DIN EN 4102-1)