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Honeycomb pleated blinds

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

Energy saving the beautiful way

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer: with our tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds you are opting for genuine energy savings and perfect privacy and sun protection. Our exclusive and uniquely curated range of designs and colours, which you can combine to your heart’s content, allows you total design freedom. Honeycombed air pockets insulate your room against the heat or cold. They also contribute to acoustic peace and quiet within your own four walls by absorbing sound. These one-of-a-kind blinds, which are made especially for you, are usually installed in the glazing rebate or on the casement and can be moved by an attractively shaped handle directly on the operating rail.  

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

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At a glance
At a glance

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

  • suitable for almost all window types and shapes 
  • decorative yet discreet privacy shield and glare protection 
  • optional freely movable top and bottom rails
  • improves indoor climate: the hollow chambers inside them ensure a cooling effect in summer and warming effect in winter
  • energy-saving
  • improved indoor acoustics, reduced echo
  • convenient and child-safe operation 
  • various easy installation options including without screws 
  • bespoke, hand-crafted quality product “made in Germany” 

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

  • choose the design to coordinate with your home style from over 170 fabrics and colours 
  • varied surfaces, looks and feels such as high-quality fleece or structured fabrics
  • profiles available in White, Silver anodised, Brass anodised, Anthracite and Dark brown
  • handles, clamping shoes and end caps are colour-matched to the profile colours

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

  • tensioned honeycomb pleated blind systems are operated using a standard handle made of plastic or optionally of metal, or a designer metal handle 

Model WVS1:

  • on this model, the fabric is stacked on one side; either the top or bottom operating rail is fixed as standard while the other rail can be moved

Model WVS2:

  • both rails can be moved so the honeycomb pleated blind can be positioned anywhere on the window - at the top, centre or bottom

Model WVS3:

  • on this model, two different fabrics are connected by additional movement rails to form one tensioned system
  • enabling you to achieve a perfect combination of decorative sun protection and dimming, for example
  • stacking can be either together at the top or separate at the top and bottom

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

Models WVS1:

  • Width: 120 - 2000 mm 
  • Height: 200 - 2200 mm 

Models WVS2:

  • Width: 230 - 2000 mm 
  • Height: 200 - 2200 mm 

Tensioned honeycomb pleated blinds

  • you can choose between different installation options: with or without screws (glued/clamped/ with bracket mounts) for removal without a trace 
  • your installation options: 
    • with clips or clamping shoes in the glazing rebate
    • with wall mounts on the window frame or wall
    • with adhesive strips in the glazing rebate
    • with clamp mounts or bracket mounts on the casement

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