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Aluminium Venetian blinds

50 mm free-hanging

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Do you have a special sense for aesthetics and exclusive designs? Are you looking for unique interior design ideas that make your heart sing? Excellent, because it is both our aim and our motivation to produce a distinctive and unique piece to match your requirements when we make your free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds. The 50 mm wide slats of our Venetian blinds look best in medium to large windows. They are connected with a ladder cord or optional high-quality textile ladder tape. You choose whether you operate them using cord or chain pull technology or in an additional design version, with our popular Revival technology.

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

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At a glance
At a glance

50 mm free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds

  • especially ideal for large windows
  • with Panorama option for maximum view of the outside
  • privacy shield and glare protection with fine adjustment of amount of light entering the room
  • easy care
  • convenient operation with cord or chain pull
  • various motor drive options 
  • child-safe operation
  • bespoke, hand-crafted quality product “made in Germany” 
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50 mm free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds

  • choose the design to coordinate with your home style from 80 different slats in 50 mm width 
  • textile ladder tape as individual design option 
  • the aluminium profiles are available anodised or with a high-quality powder coating
  • the cords are colour coordinated with the slats

50 mm free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds

Operation using a cord pull (JS5 model):

  • slats are opened and closed using a pulling cord, slats are tilted with a tilt cord 
  • operating elements can be positioned on the left, the right or both sides 
  • optional tilting using tilt wand possible 
  • optional anti-swing mechanism, which prevents the Venetian blind from moving to and fro in front of the window, on the wall or in the window recess 

Revival technology (JR5 model):

  • pulling cord on the right-hand side for raising and lowering
  • tilt cord on the left-hand side for tilting the slats 

Operation using a chain pull (JK5 model):

  • slats are opened, closed and tilted using an operating chain made from plastic or optionally from metal 
  • chain can be positioned on the left or the right 
  • the JK5 model can also be supplied with optional crank mechanism 
  • optional anti-swing mechanism can be supplied, which prevents the Venetian blind from moving to and fro in front of the window, on the wall or in the window recess 

Motorisation with 230 V motor (JM5 model):

  • motorisation using 230 V motor drive, controlled by switch provided by customer or wireless technology
  • motorisation using 12 V Motion Centrio via power pack or external battery pack (also available to retrofit where no power connection available)

50 mm free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds

Model JK5:

  • Width: 460 - 4500 mm 
  • Height: 400 - 3500 mm 
  • max. area 10 square metres 

Model JS5:

  • Width: 350 - 4500 mm
  • Height: 400 - 3500 mm
  • max. area 10 square metres

Model JR5:

  • Width: 500 - 2400 mm
  • max. height 3000 mm
  • max. area 3.6 square metres

50 mm free-hanging aluminium Venetian blinds

  • the 50 mm aluminium Venetian blinds can either be fixed to the wall or ceiling 
  • aluminium universal supports are used to fix them and are suitable for installation below the ceiling, in the window recess, on the wall or in front of the window recess 

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