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Flexible and intelligent

Somfy roller shutter motor

With Somfy's versatile motor drives and control options, we offer you exactly the right technology for your needs and rooms. From wall switches to bidirectional radio controls as the basis for your smart home - also ideal for sun protection systems which are large or difficult to access - without annoying cords or chains.

Simply comfortable. Inaccessible windows or simply don't want to get up all the time? With our Somfy motorisation options you organise your own comfortable living situation yourself - and can even save energy at the press of a button.

Three ways to motorised contentment

[Translate to English:] WT Verdrahtete Technik

WT – wired technology

Wired technology is ideal for new builds in particular, and can be upgraded with Somfy radio transmission technology if required. Connection to on-site bus systems is also possible.

[Translate to English:] Radio Technology Somfy

RTS – Radio Technology Somfy

The RTS system is known worldwide for its safe radio transmission in buildings. A high degree of user-friendliness and a wide range of possible applications round off the range.

[Translate to English:] io Basis für das eigene Smart Home

io – a basis for your own smart home

io’s bidirectional radio technology is both an intelligent solution and a modern basis for your own smart home. io can be used to automate the entire house – from sun protection to the garage door. The high level of security and reliability ensure a carefree, pleasant living environment.

[Translate to English:] Somfy 3 Steuerungen
io - the basis for your smart home io’s bidirectional radio solution is the intelligent solution and the basis for your smart home. And with the TaHoma® app you don't just control your privacy shield and sun protection but can also automate your entire house.

TaHoma® Smart Home App

Intelligent home automation makes life easier in many areas, whether as a security factor or to save energy effectively. With the TaHoma® Home Centre from Somfy you always have all the functionalities of your house at your fingertips, whether with additional voice control, pre-programmed scenes or by app even when you are on the go.

Increased security

Automated processes prompt your sun protection to keep changing position during the day. You can either set up these scenarios via a time-controlled programme timer or simply with the TaHoma® box. The presence simulation makes the rooms look occupied even during long periods of absence and burglars will be deterred. And motorised systems don’t have any annoying cords or chains and are therefore extra child-safe.

Use energy saving potentials

Clever control systems don’t just increase comfort but can even reduce your energy costs. An automatic sun system fully automatically controls your sun protection depending on the weather and time of year: in the summer, rooms remain pleasantly cool while in the winter, your sun protection lets the warmth in and you can actively save heating costs.

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