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We love what we do

Our driving force is the heart and soul and the passion that we pour into our products and developments. We love our work and put this claim into practice right down to every tiny detail. A sense for trends is part of our tradition just like the enthusiasm for beautiful design and innovative technology in our bespoke products - for more enjoyment in your life.

Trend sensitivity

Design Atelier

The lovingly curated collections are the work of our skilled textile designers. With their own design ideas and inspired by trends, they generate the exclusive creative designs. The results are unique collections and fascinating themes with a large array of styles which are as individual as your home.

Out of conviction

We love details in form and function

Our products are far more than the sum of their parts. The interplay of all the components is what convinces us that our made-to-measure unique pieces will make you happy. The individual work steps literally go hand in hand: from technical development and visual design to handcrafted manufacture. Our employees’ quality standards mean a lot to us; we can totally rely on their trained eye, sense of proportion and instinctive flair. We are especially proud that many of them have been part of the KADECO family for a decade or more.

A view to the future

Technical product development

Gordon Bucksch

We rethink things and think ahead - for example, by constantly expanding our competency around automation and smart homes. Moreover, ideas for new products often come from specific applications. Our Head of Product Development, Gordon Bucksch, works out perfect solutions with his team for such cases. 

Because for us, product development means making the good even better:

For more comfort. More user-friendliness. More progress.

Design Highlights Indoors & Outdoors
Design Highlights Indoors & Outdoors
Design Highlights Indoors & Outdoors
Design Highlights Indoors & Outdoors
Design Highlights Indoors & Outdoors

With heart and mind

Trend scouting

We are proud to bring you our stylistically confident collections which are curated especially for you to choose from. Our design philosophy is based on the passion with which we purposefully track down new sources of inspiration and interior trends which we transform into new ideas for you. To do this, we constantly keep an eye on current and future developments in lifestyle and living, seek inspiration from the multifaceted impressions we gain locally on every trip we take and also visit trade fairs and exhibitions with the mission of carrying out trend research.

In all of this, we always focus on one thing: your individual style, which transforms your home into a fantastic and protected retreat for you, your family and friends.

A flair for fabrics

Awning fabric collection

We transform your home and outdoor relaxation zones into an even more beautiful and protected exterior with a great deal of passion. Our own creative ideas play a big role in the process. Our specially trained textile designers produce exclusive CREATIVE DESIGNS with a passion for detail.

The diverse and stylish selection in our fabric collections will make your patio your favourite spot. For example, you can choose between plain colours, melanges, striped designs with gradual shading (dégradé) through to maritime block stripes. With over 250 different fabric designs, you can create your own personal accents – and conjure up your holiday at home.