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Straightforward and smart

Smart Home Ready – with MotionBlinds

Enhance your personal lifestyle with simple and intuitive operating technology for your privacy shield and sun protection. With the MotionBlinds motor drive programme you can count on even more comfort within your own four walls.

App - whenever and wherever! Ideal for anyone who loves their freedom: with this app you control your systems straightforwardly from wherever you are - on the go, on holiday or from the comfort of your own sofa.

Relaxed daily routine

Straightforward flexibility

Now your everyday life will become even smarter: because with the help of the MotionBlinds Bridge, you can connect your sun protection to intelligent voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

Which means you have the flexibility to move your roller blind or pleated blind, etc. to the required position without having to do it by hand or with a remote control. Quite straightforwardly by voice command. Predefined scenes can also be called up this way.

365-day living comfort Enjoy a pleasant indoor climate without overheated rooms with MotionBlinds. Because your motorised sun protection reacts fully automatically to the time of day and position of the sun with the relevant programming.

Intuitive operation

The choice is yours: from control using a wall switch provided on site or various remote controls to smart solutions such as voice control and operation using an app. MotionBlinds also enables integration into smart home systems or your home automation.

A good feeling

Let it look like your home is occupied and simulate your presence by programming scenes. By setting up different timers for various rooms and windows, your house will look lived-in even if you are away relaxing on holiday for weeks.

And there’s even more

With MotionBlinds you benefit from the range of functions in various smart home applications. Depending on the required range, the MotionBlinds Bridge or the MotionBlinds Mini Bridge are available to do just that. Which opens up even more possibilities for you.