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Honeycomb pleated blinds

Special shapes, ceilings

Your solution for special challenges

The technology for perfect privacy, glare and sun protection is also in the details. Because no matter whether your window is triangular, trapezoid or round, you can overcome any architectural challenges with our options for special shapes. Thanks to the system bracing and profile guide, they can be adapted perfectly to the size and shape of the window in question. Find the solution for your beloved sloping roof or gables that will inspire you - thanks to special pitch and slope systems, which you can operate easily from any conceivable angle. 

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

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At a glance
At a glance

Special shapes, ceilings

  • ideal solution for conservatories and glass roofs
  • secure hold up to 4 metres long thanks to specially coated bracing wires
  • decorative yet discreet privacy shield and glare protection 
  • improves indoor climate: the hollow chambers inside ensure a cooling effect in summer and warming effect in winter
  • energy-saving
  • improved indoor acoustics, reduced echo
  • convenient and child-safe operation using operating rod, crank or electric motor
  • various easy installation options including without screws 
  • bespoke, hand-crafted quality product “made in Germany” 

Special shapes, ceilings

  • choose the design to coordinate with your home style from over 170 fabrics and colours 
  • varied surfaces, looks and feels such as high-quality fleece or structured fabrics
  • profiles available in White, Silver anodised, Brass anodised, Anthracite and Dark brown
  • handles, clamping shoes and end caps are colour-matched to the profile colours

Special shapes, ceilings

Special shapes - tensioned:

  • these honeycomb pleated blinds are operated using a standard plastic handle or optional metal handle or using an operating rod if you cannot reach the window very easily 

Ceiling systems:

  • optional metal handle or using an operating rod if you cannot reach the window very easily 
  • alternatively, a hand crank or electric crank (electric rod) can be used to operate them 
  • for fully automatic operation, the systems can be equipped with a motor and controlled using a wall switch or radio remote control 

Special shapes - free-hanging:

  • free-hanging special shapes or so-called slope systems can be operated from any angle

Special shapes, ceilings


  • max. sloping width 1500 mm* 
  • Base width (B): 300 - 1000 mm
  • Height (H1): 300 - 1500 mm
  • Angle of slope 5° – 38° 
  • Adjustable sloping area

*depends on fabric width

You can get more information about the individual models from your specialist retailer.


Special shapes, ceilings

  • by ceiling mount in glazing rebate
  • by wall mount on the frame
  • by clamp mount

Be inspired

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