Classic pleated blinds

Privacy shields and sun protection as individual as you

Show off your attitude to life, your sense for aesthetics - and design an inspiring atmosphere with our classic pleated blinds. Harmoniously coordinated colour palettes and exclusive, high-quality designs and fabrics blend in perfectly with your interior style. No matter whether in your living room or conservatory or under the gables: the sophisticated and diverse installation and operation options of our classic pleated blinds are suitable for all window shapes and types - and ensure you have perfect privacy and sun protection.  

At a glance

  • suitable for almost all window types and shapes
  • decorative yet discreet privacy shield and glare protection
  • improves indoor climate 
  • much more pleasant room acoustics
  • convenient and child-safe operation
  • various easy installation options including without screws
  • easy care
  • bespoke, hand-crafted quality product “made in Germany” 

Be inspired

Classic pleated blinds:

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