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Roller blinds

Vario roller blinds

For your own special light effects

Your evening after work can be so lovely and varied: underscore your relaxation time differently every day with calming light effects. Vario roller blinds create impressive effects by playing with graphic patterns. Find a large selection of designs in our exclusive range. You pull the strings when it comes to how much light you want to enter your personal retreat. Simply adjust the amount of sunlight using smart technology to suit your personal work or home situation either by closing the Vario roller blind or opening it with a view of the outside. Two lengths of fabric, which are placed one in front of the other and feature transparent and opaque sections, move smoothly via an endless chain - for decorative and simultaneously effective protection against the glaring rays of sunlight. 
Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

At a glance

  • decorative privacy shield and glare protection 
  • impressive 3D effects and light patterns 
  • superbly easy operation even for large roller blinds 
  • motorisation possible 
  • easy care 
  • bespoke, hand-crafted quality product “made in Germany” 

Be inspired

Vario roller blinds:

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