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Emanating Tranquillity

Colour Trend Eucalyptus

We love the eucalyptus trend! No wonder: the evergreen sprigs simply fit perfectly into any contemporary design style. This muted, smoky shade of green also introduces nature into your living space in a subtle way. You will immediately sense the serenity and tranquillity emanating from this hue. Just the thing if you are longing to relax and want to fully recharge your batteries at home.

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Moreover, these trendy shades of green symbolise renewal, refreshment, restoration, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. Introduce the eucalyptus trend into your home now – we have lots of designs in this trendy colour for you to choose from.

As a colour for your walls, eucalyptus combines wonderfully with various types of wood and white interiors. This turns your living space into a harmonious experience which is closer to nature. Many architects and designers are embracing this wonderfully pleasing shade of colour and using various nuances of eucalyptus in their upmarket projects.

For some time now, the plant itself has also captured the interior design world. Bouquets, window and door wreaths with dried flowers – the trendy eucalyptus leaves are popping up everywhere and are a genuine decorative focal point. This is because the shape and colour of the leaves harmonise with so many popular trends like boho and scandi. You probably already have an accessory in this uniquely beautiful, muted green hue too.

Naturally So Beautiful

What do we find so fascinating about this colour? It has a contemporary yet understated appearance. In a room with this shade of green you immediately sense the calming and harmonising effect it has on you. It feels like you can take a deep breath within your own four walls.

We love the contemporary and comforting charm of eucalyptus – and have therefore combined it with our sun protection products. When the sunlight shimmers through our “Mellaza” pleated blind, your living space is bathed in a cosy pale green, radiating a restful atmosphere. A perfect combination if you are interested in the “Urban Jungle” or “Biophilia” trends, for example. We have already collated a few tips on the latter for you.

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