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Save energy with sun protection

Reduce your heating costs now

Is it even possible to improve the comfort of your home whilst saving energy? Yes, it is! You can make your home more energy efficient with high-quality sun protection from KADECO whilst turning your window treatments into decorative highlights.

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Not only do sun protection solutions from KADECO help you keep your home pleasantly cool and shady in the summer, they are also a nifty way to reduce energy consumption in the winter months: The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics has calculated that heating costs on cold winter nights can be reduced by up to 12 per cent with interior privacy and sun protection systems.2 This means that even the energy efficiency of older buildings can be increased at low cost.


How to save energy

This is good news in view of rising energy prices and lasting climate change. The European Solar Shading Organisation ES-SO has calculated that 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU come from existing buildings. Of this, heating and cooling make up the largest share of energy consumption in residential buildings, accounting for around 80 per cent.

However, if 75 per cent of windows in existing buildings were to be fitted with automatic solar shading, this energy consumption could be reduced by up to 19 per cent. The CO₂ saving potential that could be realised by the targeted use of solar shading is 111 million tonnes a year according to a recent study.1 That is 22 times more than the savings resulting from EU light bulb legislation.

In winter: switch the solar heating on

In autumn and winter, it’s all about bringing solar energy into the building and using it as heat and light - and keeping it there. So during the day, our sun protection systems keep glass surfaces free for the rays of sunshine. The higher the solar gain in a building, the less you have to put the heating on.

Once the sun has gone down, solutions such as our honeycomb pleated blinds improve the thermal insulation value of the window and keep the cold out more effectively. This means rooms cool down less and you can effectively reduce your heating costs - by up to as much as 12 per cent!

In summer: passive cooling for a pleasant indoor climate

When temperatures rise in the summer, KADECO sun protection systems fulfil their classic purpose: windows are shaded - adjusted to the position of the sun - in order to let exactly the right amount of heat and light in. In view of the increasingly extreme weather conditions with more frequent and prolonged heatwaves, this not only increases comfort but saves a considerable amount of energy too. This is because the less a building heats up, the less it has to be cooled down again by expensive air conditioning systems.


Control your comfort the smart way

To enjoy the benefits of KADECO sun protection systems at their very best, we recommend controlling them automatically - depending on the time of day or year and the temperature. Your KADECO sun protection can be integrated elegantly into your smart home using the MotionBlinds motorisation range. For a comfortable indoor climate throughout your home - easy to control by app too.


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