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Relocate your home office to the garden

Garden office

The summer sunshine and warmth entice you outside. Conditions are ideal to swap your home office for a garden office. Instead of just looking out of the window you can actually enjoy the lovely weather in your garden office as well.

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Check your emails to the sound of buzzing bees and twittering birds and keep those projects moving: doesn’t that sound divine? So fetch your laptop and start working on the patio. Fantastic, as long as your workstation is in the shade. If not, the sunshine can quickly become stressful, your concentration wanes and you can hardly see your laptop screen any more. You can count on our awnings to give you shade, so you can work productively even outdoors in the fresh air. If you decide on a model with an electric motor, you can operate it conveniently from your workstation using the remote control. Your sun protection can be finely adjusted at the touch of a button so you don’t have to keep getting up and interrupting your work unnecessarily. You can even carry on working during a brief summer shower because you have a roof over your head.

Work in the shelter of a pergola

Don’t have a paperless office yet? Then you need to be sheltered from the wind as well as the sun – set up your garden office underneath a pergola. The advantage is that they are more weatherproof than awnings. With additional ZIP vertical awnings, you can provide yourself with wind protection and privacy – work without interruptions, away from prying eyes or distractions and prevent any rain from drifting in at the sides. Even when the weather is cooler, an outdoor office beneath one of our pergolas is still possible – you can work in the garden on pleasant autumn or spring days with our patio heaters.

Permanent solution - protected from the sun and insects

Permanent solutions are enjoying increasing popularity in the garden. You can create additional space with unusual summerhouses – especially when you have run out of space indoors. An additional bonus is that you can keep your work and home life more separate. If you are planning a solution like this, we recommend our insect screens as well as interior sun protection. They allow you to get on with your work undisturbed and the little creepy crawlies can stay where they feel most at home.

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