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Green electricity

Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are important topics for the long-term conservation of our planet. But it is even more important to do something about it. Even little steps can have a big effect - like the use of green electricity.

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As a company, we believe we have a social responsibility to act sustainably and responsibly. This mindset is demonstrated by our use of environmentally safe materials, which meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for example, or the Bronze Status of the Cradle to Cradle criteria, but also our use of green electricity.

Which, incidentally, we have in black and white: our purchase of green electricity is controlled by the exchange of so-called certificates. This ensures that the energy we have consumed over the whole year ultimately comes from renewable sources - and therefore contributes to the sustainable organisation of society. While we cannot trace exactly which electricity flows through our cables, we can guarantee that the total amount that we have consumed has been fed in from green electricity sources - in our case, from a Norwegian hydroelectric plant, for example.

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