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Mosquitoes, wasps and the like barred from entry

Insect screens

Insects make a valuable contribution to our environment and therefore nature would be unthinkable without them. On the other hand, you would rather not have them inside your house or apartment. Luckily, our insect screen products ensure that mosquitoes, flies and other little creatures stay where they belong: outside! Our broad range offers you solutions for almost any window. We are adding our innovations to our existing insect screen systems this season and show you a few of them here:

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Tensioned screens - installation from the inside

Do you have an apartment in an old building or basement with a protective grille over the window? Do your external roller blinds run really close to the window? For any situation where an insect screen can’t be fixed on the outside, our ISE04 tensioned screen is ideal for installing on the inside. Now you too will be perfectly protected from insects!

New pleated insect screens

Aesthetic, functional and innovative - our pleated insect screens. They can easily be folded together to form a slim package and become almost inconspicuous. They can just as easily be opened again when needed. In addition to the popular pleated blind for doors, pleated screens for rooflights and vertical windows are also available.

ClearScreen with lotus effect

The lotus effect is a natural phenomenon and is popular because of its especially repellent characteristics. Our ClearScreen fabric now has a coated surface with the lotus effect that ensures water droplets quite simply roll off. This way, the water also collects dirt particles and the mesh of the insect screen only needs minimal cleaning at the end of the season. Furthermore, we of course also offer a large range of other functional meshes – such as our AllergoScreen.

You can get all the information about our insect screen systems and in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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