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More comfort, more freedom, more relaxation: our MotionBlinds motor range turns your home into a smart wellbeing zone - and has been awarded the bronze R+T 2021 Innovation Prize in the “Building automation” category.

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Regardless of whether you are making yourself comfortable on your sofa or are away on holiday: with the MotionBlinds range of motors, you control your privacy and sun protection quite simply using a remote control or app. To be able to create your own personal smart home experience, you have the choice between a wide range of design options. For example, if you want to make your home lovely and cosy you can move the system into the required position by remote control or voice control via Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. If you like to be out and about a lot, the MotionBlinds app is your ideal companion allowing you to control your privacy and sun protection whenever and wherever you are in the world. And if you don’t happen to have the remote control or app to hand, you will of course find we have the perfect solution: you can easily control your motor manually by simply pulling on the operating chain. MotionBlinds is truly versatile, adapting perfectly to your personal living situation, and is also compatible with other smart home systems such as IFTT and mediola.

The unique innovative strength of the MotionBlinds range of motors didn't escape the notice of the judges either at R+T Digital, the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. The trade association representatives, specialist journalists, architects and industry experts scrutinised numerous submissions before they selected MotionBlinds for the podium and awarded it with the bronze R+T 2021 Innovation Prize. At KADECO, we are delighted to receive this valuable recognition - and promise we will continue to enhance your home with super innovations!

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