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Your outdoor feeling for the whole year


Whether having coffee and rolls for breakfast with the birds singing in the garden in the morning. Or sitting with friends over a glass of wine while the sun goes down in the evening. Nowhere could be better for relaxing in the summer weather than your own patio. At least, until it clouds over or the first winds of autumn blow through the trees.

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Outdoor living

It’s ideal if you can go outside all year round without having to worry about the wind and rain. If you are always perfectly protected and can rely on sophisticated awning technology. Only then can you really sit back and relax in the fresh air, taking pleasure in the living space you have created outside.

Relaxation in any season

Your outdoor solution for year-round relaxation outside finally becomes a reality with a high-quality pergola combined with a ZIP vertical awning. The combination provides a pleasant outdoor experience, also protecting you from rain on the one hand and offering you much-needed protection from the sun on hot summer days on the other, thanks also to your selected awning fabric. In addition, the integrated ZIP system will keep you safe from the wind: it is even suitable as wind protection up to wind force 6 on the Beaufort scale thanks to its high wind resistance class 3. 

Individual design - to suit your own personal style

With our pergola, your patio will change in an instant into a private retreat, an outdoor living room, which invites you, your family and friends to relax all year round. Personalise it to suit your taste and preferences by choosing your own awning fabric and stable frame of the design. Choose the fabric you like best from a wide variety of designs and qualities and the right shade for the posts and crossbeams from a broad colour palette.

Extending the ambience

You can also enjoy the fresh air and view under our pergola at your favourite restaurant - and still find shelter! With cosy lighting and warming heaters you can stay out there in comfort with good friends and a glass of wine until late into the night.


You can get all the information about our pergolas and ZIP vertical awnings as well as in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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