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Powder coating on site

Powder coating

Individual colour coatings are an important aspect of customising your awning to suit your own requirements for its perfect look. We have added a state-of-the-art coating facility to our Lübbecke factory in order to keep up with the increased demand for this kind of individualisation in the best possible way.

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High degree of flexibility

We have invested around two million euros in the modern facility which allows us a huge scope for the design of our awning products at our Lübbecke site. Thanks to the new powder coating facility, we now have the flexibility to start fulfilling your wishes for an individual colour for your awning frame: in addition to the extensive choice of 20 standard RAL colours, individual colour requests within the RAL spectrum can now be achieved. To this end, our skilled employees process each part of the awning with the highest possible precision and by hand right down to the very last detail - all in shorter throughput times with energy savings of up to 52 percent.

This means we can now process triple-digit numbers of awnings a day in our new powder coating facility - whilst taking into consideration the very highest environmental standards. This is because the coating process carried out directly at our factory is not just totally chrome-free but there is also a water treatment system which treats the wastewater and recirculates it. This means we only have to dispose of very small quantities of substances that have been filtered out.

For you, our new powder coating facility means: Top quality because the special coating protects the awning frame from the elements with highly corrosion-resistant surfaces. Thorough quality control because the results are inspected for a high-quality and flawless surface finish directly on site. Quicker delivery times, because the modern technology shortens the lead times considerably.

You can get all the information about our extensive selection of RAL colours and in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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