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Long live minimalism - and your recess cassette

Recess cassette

Minimalist and effective: the characteristics of modern interior design. Freed from fussy details, rooms immediately look more spacious and tidy. Our recess cassette also fits perfectly into this trend. Whether in your own home, office or commercial buildings, our high-quality roller blinds with their practical and flexible system can be integrated harmoniously and almost invisibly.

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Installation conditions for any needs

Already taken into consideration during the planning phase, the recess profile is simply integrated into the ceiling. Afterwards, you can decide individually if just the recess profile, an open or faced internal cassette or alternatively, a flush-mounted internal cassette should be used. All of the options have one thing in common in that they are not noticeable at first glance: thanks to the white microstructure powder-coated surface, they blend seamlessly into the ceiling and recede discreetly into the room - totally in keeping with the minimalist style of interior design.

In order to complete the overall look, we have lots of designs to choose from in our roller blind collection which will perfectly emphasise the pared back interior - or create stylish accents in the form of exciting contrasts. Qualities with various transmission values can also be selected for the perfect design of workstations.

Flexible use of your roller blind

An especially practical feature of our recess cassette is that it doesn’t just work wonderfully well for classic roller blinds but can also have alternative uses - perhaps as an attractive room divider for your living area! Use it to conveniently create your own private retreat when you need to. Another fantastic way to use it: your own home cinema. With minimalist planning, you need nothing more than a screen in the form of your roller blind which you can pull down from the ceiling for your next film evening. Then you can create a genuine cinema atmosphere from very little.

However you use our recess cassette: be impressed by its innovative technology, minimalist design and tidy appearance!

You can get all the information about our recess cassette and in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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