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Your home is bursting with life. There is something to discover everywhere you look: various pieces of furniture, odds and ends on shelves and in cupboards. A colourful assortment that accumulates in everyday life; it defines who you are but can also become a bit too much. Make time for yourself, take a deep breath and emulate the Japanese and Scandinavians and discover an extraordinary, pared back style for yourself.

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Nordic purism meets Japanese mindfulness

Japandi? This is the name given to a current interior design trend which captures Scandinavian charm with its humble materials and muted colours to combine it in the interior design world with the Japanese focus on the essentials: with a touch of minimalism and the right furnishings, your home will be transformed into a stylishly confident ambience where simple shapes and plain colours dominate without foregoing cosiness and atmosphere. 

More naturalness with Japandi

Natural colours dominate in Japanese furnishing traditions such as wabi-sabi as well as Scandinavian influences such as Hygge. Whether sandy or earthy tones, nature can clearly be detected as a valuable source of inspiration. What is new is the combination of the two styles: for instance, natural tones can be found alongside pastel or smoky nuances - totally in keeping with Scandinavian trends. This colour mix makes Japandi both exciting and expressive without cluttering the room or giving it a restless appearance.

Materials such as wood and felt are also popular elements of Japandi, expressing the trend exceptionally well - our newly designed Venetian blinds made from designer felt are totally in keeping with this return to more authenticity and naturalness within our own four walls. Simple yet effective, they dress the window and give the room more air to breathe thanks to their subtle understatement. With their natural appearance and soft, smooth feel they fully meet the aspiration of Japandi to allow more peace and mindfulness to enter your home.

You can get all the information about our exclusive felt Venetian blinds and in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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