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So perfectly imperfect!

Trending topic Wabi-Sabi

Rediscover the little things in life; enjoy peace and harmony in your daily routine. Combine old mementos that you are emotionally attached to with modern elements and appreciate them again. These inspiring and positive messages are behind the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi.

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For centuries, wabi-sabi has embodied living traditions in Japan, an aesthetic of simplicity and uncomplicated purism. Moving away from the drive for perfection and towards a love of the unfinished. It is about rediscovering the little things in life, enjoying peace and harmony in our everyday lives and starting to appreciate emotional mementos again.

Wabi-sabi as a trend is also a valuable source of inspiration for us and features in numerous designs.

Subtle light effects

Inspired by naturalness and authenticity, the carefully selected textiles in our current pleated blind collection for example create a harmonious home in the wabi-sabi style. Light also plays an important part in the process: different levels of opacity and colour nuances allow the pleated blinds to soften the light entering the room, creating stunning contrasts and light effects depending on the design.

Simply authentic!

With special weaving techniques like Scherli, jacquard and devoré, we are drawing on the charm of traditional handicrafts for some of our pleated blind designs. This return to old traditions is also characteristic of far-eastern wabi-sabi. Perfect combinations are old furniture and handcrafted objects with authentic signs of use – including wooden furniture with patina effects. 

Not too much, not too little. Not too clean, not too fussy. Wabi-sabi is the fine balance between two worlds – and therefore a natural expression of your personality and individual style. If you would like more inspiration, just take a look at our pleated blind collection at your local specialist retailer.

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