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Low sun? Time for your ZIP vertical awning!

ZIP awnings

Leave the office and start your evening. When you come home in the late afternoon, all you want is to fall into your favourite garden chair, watch your children playing on the lawn and peacefully while away the warm summer’s evening. If only it wasn’t for the low evening sun which is already shining below your patio roof, dazzling you and disturbing your peace.

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How fortunate that you can use our ZIP vertical awning just when you need some protection from the glare. Integrated into your patio roof, it stops you from getting too hot on your patio when the awning is extended. Our ZIP systems will therefore delight you as the perfect solution to reduce direct sunlight and have a positive influence on the climate on your patio. This means you can make the most of your outdoor area at any time of the year – and every day after work.

ZIP vertical awnings in public buildings

Sunlight also plays an important role during your daily work at the office. The way the light enters a building can greatly influence your mood and create annoying glare on your computer screen - not just in the summertime but on any sunny day. Our ZIP vertical awnings are therefore eminently suitable for glass façades on non-residential buildings to protect you and your colleagues from the glaring rays of light.

Fantastic views with screen fabric

So that you are not left in the dark either in the office or at home, you can choose a special awning fabric for your ZIP vertical awning: our screen fabric offers you a uniquely excellent view through it so you don’t lose sight of the outdoors. Together with the greatest possible convenience, sophisticated technology and elegant design, your ZIP vertical awning will ensure that you can organise your time at work and afterwards perfectly. 

You can get all the information about our ZIP vertical awnings and in-depth advice from a specialist retailer near you.

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