Classic 615

Purism to perfection

Looking for aesthetics with clean lines and crafted authenticity to create a special outdoor feeling on your patio? Then we can fulfil your special requirement for purist design with our classic textile patio roof 615! Designed to be visually appealing, your awning can be installed using a wall connection on one side and two round posts. The entire structure is produced from galvanised steel to effortlessly defy any weather conditions with a secure hold and high wind resistance. You can extend your high-quality awning fabric elegantly over the guide rails for ideal sun protection – and make it safe from stormy times later by retracting it inside its robust cassette.

Your local specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the various options. 

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Controls & Comfort for your Awning

Want sun protection at the push of a button?

Whether intuitive wireless remote control or comprehensive integration into a smart home - you decide which control and comfort options your awning will be provided with. For a favourite outdoor spot just how you want it.

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