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Tensioned pleated blind systems

Thanks to the huge choice of colours and shapes on offer, pleated blinds are always a popular choice. Regardless of whether the sun is in your eyes, or you want to protect your rooms from the heat or furnish your surroundings to suit your taste – KADECO pleated blinds offer virtually unlimited diversity in terms of combining colours, shapes and materials.


Product information

Tensioned pleated blinds are very easy to move, thanks to an attractively shaped handle right on the movement rail. These blinds are usually installed in the window rabbet or on the casement. System bracing provides the necessary grip and enables the blind to be secured at any position you like:


Installation options for tensioned systems

The options for installing KADECO pleated blinds are particularly flexible. Whether it’s in a glass rebate,
screwed onto the frame or clamped onto the frame – the smart fastening systems guarantee the right
installation option for every situation.

Glass rebate installation

ClassicLine with clamping shoe SlimLine with clamping shoe ClassicLine with Clip SlimLine with Clip
ClassicLine with rebate plates SlimLine with rebate plates ClassicLine with adhesive strip SlimLine with adhesive strip


Installation on the frame or on the wall

ClassicLine with wall mount SlimLine with wall mount ClassicLine with wall mount SlimLine with wall mount


Installation on the casement

ClassicLine with bracket mount SlimLine with casement mount    
ClassicLine with clamp mount SlimLine with clamp mount ClassicLine with clamp mount SlimLine with clamp mount


Operating tensioned systems

Tensioned blind systems are operated using a standard plastic or metal handle, or a designer handle.
The purist shape and high quality of the aluminium designer handle create an attractively sophisticated effect. The surface can be white powder coated, black or anodised to match the ClassicLine profile.




- Plastic
- Metal (optional)


Designer handle

Metal, for ClassicLine models
VS1, VS2, DF10, DF20

Clamping shoe with magnetic catch

Available for ClassicLine models VS1, VS2, DF10, DF20

Pleated blind widths

KADECO pleated blinds are resistant to dust and dirt thanks to the special coating that is applied to both sides. For tensioned pleated blind systems, we offer pleats in widths of 20 mm.

Special shapes

Thanks to a wide range of special designs and operating variants, KADECO can provide the perfect solution for almost every window situation. Whether you want to install blinds in a conservatory, under the gable, in rooflights or the ceiling area, the wide range of operating and drive variants provide optimum privacy screens and sun protection, even in confined areas.

Tensioned special designs offer solutions for practically any type of window, from trapezoidal right through to hexagonal shapes. Fabric beading that is worked into the rail profi les as an extra special touch underlines the high-quality appearance of these blinds. The system bracing and profi le guide are specially adapted to the size and shape of the window in question. Fixed clamping cords support the fabric on the diagonal. The fabric can be pushed together into a stack along the system‘s longest side. An attractively shaped handle is used to move these systems.

Focus on...
Off the wall – the solution for your rooflights

KADECO pleated blinds can be used universally on all standard types of rooflight. Bracing wires on the side guide the systems safely in the slope. There are three basic types, just like for the tensioned pleated blinds. These are manufactured with either one operating rail (DF10), with two operating rails (DF20), or with two operating rails and two different materials (DF30). The Elegance version (DFE10, 20, 30) can be easily flush-mounted by means of side rails and its attractively shaped cassette provides the optimum finishing touch.


Two in once

The pleated blind types VS3 and DF30 offer a special function. Two different materials are combined and tensioned in one system, enabling you to achieve a blind that offers decorative sun protection and blackout features in perfect harmony. Stacking can be either together at the top or separate at the top and bottom.
With the blackout materials from the honeycomb pleated blinds collection in particular, this allows you to achieve exceptional results, for example, in the bedroom. As the cords for tensioning run on the inside of the honeycomb material, you cannot see any dots of light at the punches unlike with normal pleated blinds.
We‘ve got you covered – pleated blinds for your conservatory
Specific thermal conditions prevail in conservatories or under glass roofs. That‘s why ceiling systems, which are easy to operate by operating rod, crank or electric drive, are particularly suited to optimising the room temperature.
Sticks to its promise – the practical adhesive kit

KADECO‘s new adhesive kit allows easy installation of pleated and Roman blinds right onto the window pane. The adhesive system with its two made-to-measure aluminium side profiles is the perfect solution, especially where screw fastening is not wanted or possible such as in rented flats, for example.

The special adhesive satisfies the stringent requirements for UV and temperature resistance and guarantees permanent adhesion of the pleated blind system. The adhesive kit comes off without trace, of course.

The benefits:

  • No damage to the window elements
  • Perfectly suited for modern glazing with shallow rabbets  
  • Reduces light incidence from the side
  • Satisfies the required minimum clearance to the glass
  • The adhesive strip comes off without trace